Marketing Is Everything

Marketing Is Everything

Marketing comes before everything. All web design should start with marketing in mind. 

It’s a marketing mindset that determines what will make the website look good visually. It’s a marketing thought process that ultimately determines the layout of the website. It’s marketing mentality that constructs effective navigation structure. It’s marketing ideas that steer the design towards the best usability practices or consider the ideal visitor’s needs and requirements. And again, it’s a marketing frame of mind that then takes that site and turns it into a revenue generating machine for the business.

So marketing really comes first and foremost, the rest is built upon it!

In light of that, we must ask questions to determine the scope of a new web design project. And by thinking through answers to these questions in the early stages of design, we can ensure that the final product is exactly what it needs to be.

So before building a website, its very important to get a good understanding of the business, who the audience is and what the visitor is looking for. Then we need to produce an accurate plan to address the business’ needs and produce a website that meets these expectations; and build a site that is ready to be marketed online, staying true to the business’s core principles and vision.

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