How To Create A Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Creating A Unique Selling Proposition

A Unique Selling Proposition, also known as a USP, is a statement of what makes your business unique & valuable to your target market. It should state why your product or service benefits your clients better than anyone else.

A well-written USP gives clarity to your business model, what you have to offer, and why. It should define your business in a sentence and it should be incorporated into all of your marketing activities.

Here are a few steps to create a great USP:

  • Describe Your Target Audience

Know who you are targeting. Be as specific as possible.

  • Explain the Problem You Solve

Identify the individual need or challenge your target audience face that your product or service can solve.

  • List the Biggest Distinctive Benefits

List one or more of the biggest benefits your target audience gets from choosing your product or service that your competition does not offer.

  • Define Your Promise

Make a pledge to your target audience. While this can be implied instead of spelled out, write down your promise here.

  • Combine & Rework

Once you’ve completed the first four steps, combine them into one paragraph. Start merging recurring ideas and thoughts and rewrite so it flows and makes sense.

  • Cut it Down

Take your paragraph from the last step and condense it to 155 characters or less for SEO. You want your final USP to be as specific and as simple as possible.

Take your time while doing this exercise and do several drafts over the course of a few days until you arrive at your final USP.

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