Privacy Policy

Importance of a Privacy Policy.  

A privacy policy is one of the most important documents on your website. It explains your position on the information collected from visitors. Although it’s technically a legal document, it should be both accurate and easy to understand because nobody wants to read a complicated policy.

Here’s what you need to address:


This section tells a visitor about your organization, and your website’s function and purpose. If your website has special conditions for collecting information from children (under 16 etc), state them here.

Information Collected

Talk about what information you are collecting. Make it clear that you are collecting personal details when asking them to complete a form and disclose that their IP address and hostname is going to be logged by your servers.

Method of Collection

Here you disclose the methods you use to collect the information. Is it all automated? Do the forms visitors submit collect other information like how they arrived on your site? Simply describe how you collect information.

Storage of Information

How is the information stored? Visitors have a right to know that you will make every effort to store their personal information on a safe and secure server. Say it here.

Contact Details

Be as transparent as possible, and allow users to contact you if they have a question or feedback. You need to give them both an email address (or online form), and a mailing address where they can contact you.

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