Advantages of https

SEO Advantages Of HTTPS

Google wants to make sure that the websites that are accessed through Google are secure. So when crawling and indexing a website, Google runs a test to check if the website runs on a secure and encrypted connection and has factored this into its algorithms for search ranking.

A higher ranking is the most obvious advantage of switching to HTTPS. Google has confirmed that there is a small ranking boost for sites with HTTPS.

The three main SEO advantages of using HTTPS are:

  • Improved Ranking: It might not be a major boost but SEO experts predict that the strength of the HTTPS ranking signal will increase over time.
  • Referral Data: The traffic passing through referral sources on an HTTP site appears as “direct” traffic. However, for an HTTPS website, the security of the referring domain is preserved.
  • Security and Privacy: Server communication and website data are authenticated, damage from third parties is deflected, and the browsing data and credit card information is encrypted

Since Google backs HTTPS, it’s definitely here to stay. And although you might face some hurdles in moving your site to HTTPS, it is highly recommended that you switch. If you are an e-commerce website, it’s vital that you move to HTTPS.

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