Web Design

Engage & convert

As a full-service web design specialist I create websites that attract, engage and convert visitors into happy and fulfilled customers.

I start with a thorough discovery process and then research your industry and your competitors to address your business needs. With that in hand, I create an information architecture that helps develop content to estblish authority in your market.

I create original content with high conversion copy and explore images to match your brand identity. I use a minimalist approach to design so everything on your website is clear, readable, and not only looks great on a desktop but is tablet and mobile responsive too.  

Finally, after a review and test of the finished project, I deploy the site.

Cindy Merrick PT  Founder & Executive Director, Wellness In Norman

I hired Imran to create a web site for my nonprofit agency, Wellness In Norman. I am extremely impressed by the final product, which is above and beyond my original intent. He had some wonderful creative ideas and designed a website that I never dreamed would be this awesome. His ideas for marketing and reaching the public were an unexpected gift. I would highly recommend Imran to anyone who is considering creating a website that reaches the public in such a professional and creative manner. Now that an online presence is the primary method of marketing for many businesses and organizations, it is imperative to create a website that immediately catches the attention of the public and that is easy to utilize.

SEO Solutions

Invest In Your Future

Increasing online visibility is vital to your business success. Without effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you risk not being found in search results. And if you’re not there, someone else is!

Search Engine Facts

  • More than 90% of all internet searches are taking place through Google Search. Images, Youtube & Maps.
  • Google processes 5.6 billion searches per day (that's a staggering 63,000 searches per second).
  • Getting millions of people to try a different search algorithm would be extremely expensive.

Harness the power of strategic content

It’s crucial to drive your website to the top of Google's organic search results not just because it’s beneficial, but because it's essential. I develop content with exhaustive research, with a strategy the not only provides value to the site visitors but also feeds the search engine to strategically outperform competitors.

On-Page SEO for Organic Search

I organically design and optimize each page of your website so it can be found. This is to make sure that visitors who are looking online for products and services like yours will find you first. And I also believe in ethical SEO practices. Which means I stay away from tricks and deception and focus on sustainable and beneficial practices.

Google keeps changing how websites are ranked. So when you choose my SEO service you can relax and know that I am doing everything in the book to ensure no important detail in your website SEO is left out. I ensure that your website is not only using optimal SEO rules but I also test and track analytics if you wish.

The Critical Benefits of Technical SEO

Technical SEO is crucial for improving a website's search engine visibility by optimizing its technical elements like

  • Improved Site Speed: Enhances user experience and search engine rankings.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensures optimal viewing across all devices, increasing accessibility.
  • Secure Connections: Boosts trust with secure browsing via HTTPS.
  • Enhanced Crawlability: Makes it easier for search engines to discover and index content.
  • Better Indexing: Facilitates accurate and efficient indexing of web pages.
  • Increased Organic Traffic: Leads to higher visibility and more visitors from search engines.
  • Competitive Advantage: Potential to position the website above competitors in search results.

By meticulously ensuring that every website I create excels in all aspects of Technical SEO, I'm not just building websites; I'm crafting an online presence designed for peak performance in the digital realm.

My dedication to optimizing site speed, mobile responsiveness, secure connections, crawlability, and indexing demonstrates a profound understanding of the web's infrastructure and a commitment to delivering superior online experiences. This comprehensive approach is at the heart of my work, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of digital excellence.

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