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Creating Better Contact Pages

Contact pages can do so much more for your business than just tell visitors where to find you. The problem with most contact pages isn’t what’s on them, but what they’re missing.

So with that in mind, I build contact pages to be better than your competition’s by optimizing them with a few simple but powerful elements.


Your contact page is perfect real estate for images because not only will your page look more visually appealing, but you’ll get a bit of an SEO boost, too.

Google Maps

Adding Google’s standard maps helps with SEO too, especially with any location-sensitive query.

Interesting Content

By adding interesting content that’s useful, engaging, and compelling, and changing your meta titles and descriptions I create reader interest because in most cases, the wording is something bland, and it lacks keywords. This also allows me to add these keywords to your copy and make it read well.

About Us Summary

Many times I summarize your “About Us” page here and remind your visitor of why you can’t wait to work with them. I also include a call to action and add a link back to your “About Us” page so visitors can read it if they missed it before.

Hours, Phone Numbers & Contact Person

And of course, I include hours of operation, telephone numbers, and a person to contact so visitors can reach you instantly when they decide to.


Finally, if you have a really amazing testimonial from a customer, this is one of the best areas to insert it.

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