Secret Sauce

Content Writing Secret Sauce

When someone lands on your website, you need to grab their attention and keep them engaged so they are more likely to take the next action.

You might need to use the “Secret Sauce” of content writing! And luckily for you, it’s much easier than you realize.

Here are four things that draw readers in, keep them engaged, and entice them to take action.

1.  Use data to your advantage because people trust data more than opinions. Find statistics and studies that back you up and create visual graphics. You should see engagement increase significantly.

2. Use quotes for authority. People fly past a powerful statement buried within the text. Arrange that same statement as a quote, and suddenly it becomes very important. It's almost as if our brains think it must be true if it's in quotes. It might be because quotes carry with them a bit of implied legitimacy.

3.  Spin your content into a story and you'll instantly make it more appealing and engaging. Instead of making your point outright, present an example that illustrates your message. It will resonate much more with your readers, and they'll be much more attentive.

4.  Use subheadings to structure your content so readers can get the gist of it by skimming. If the readers understand the main points without having to dig through the entire content, then you’ve probably already driven the message home and they’re more likely to read your entire content.

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