Understanding Core Web Vitals

Understanding Core Web Vitals

Google is releasing the Core Web Vitals update this month (June 2021) that will affect your website rank.
The main focus in this update is how fast a page loads, how soon you can interact with it, and how stable it is.

  • The first metric will measure how fast a page loads and is known as Largest Contentful Paint. People leave when pages load slowly. So to provide a good user experience, your site should load in 2.5 seconds or less.
  • This is followed by how quickly you are able to interact with content like links & buttons. This important metric is called First Input Delay. This is important because when the page is loading, your browser blocks any interactivity until the content is completely rendered. A period of 100 milliseconds or less is good.
  • And finally, a third metric called Cumulative Layout Shift. It's frustrating when buttons move around as they are loading and you accidentally interact with a nearby element. This metric measures how quickly a page becomes stable so you can interact with the visual target correctly. A score of 0.1 or less is acceptable as measured by Google tools.

Google’s mission is to enhance User Experience and create better user engagement. With the help of some tools, I can identify where your website is deficient or needs work. Then either simply remove content that’s causing a negative impact or take the necessary steps to improve it for a higher Core Web Vital score.

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