Ad Quality Score

Ad Quality Score

Get the most out of AdWords Express by keeping a Quality Score for your Ad. A high quality score goes a long way towards deciding how much you pay for each click and where your ads appear in search results.

Creating compelling ad copy is essential, but Google wants to ensure that the user experience matches expectations when consumers arrive on the site. Quality Score ranges from 1 to 10 (where 1 is low and 10 high), a simple Google metric.

Although AdWords Express does not bring quality score to the foreground in the same manner as AdWords, its significance in the background remains the same.

Focus on the following areas to improve the customer experience and, as a natural byproduct, your quality score, too:

1.  Optimize for a high CTR by writing attractive ad copy,
2.  Ensure that your landing page has relevant copy to the ads you are displaying, and
3.  Improve your on-site experience to engage consumers once they click through to the site.

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